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Personal Injury

Chiropractors Can Help With a Personal Injury

It can happen to anyone. You are walking along, enjoying a wonderful day when suddenly you slip and fall, or perhaps you are enjoying a hike through the woods when one bad step causes sharp pain throughout your body. No matter the cause, a personal injury can leave you in pain causing you to miss out on the activities that you love. At Montero Chiropractic Clinic in Yuma, Dr. Montero can provide natural pain relief and help you during the recovery process.


Chiropractors Provide Lasting Pain Relief

Pain is often the result of an underlying condition. That condition might include a pulled muscle, torn tissues, overextended joints, or a misaligned back. Tension in your neck can cause headaches and jaw pain. Likewise, car accidents can throw your neck and back out of alignment.

When it comes to treating pain, many doctors will simply prescribe some pain medications to mask the effects. Over time, your body may heal on its own while the pain medications fend off the pain. However, if the underlying cause of your pain persists, you may find relief fleeting.

Worse yet, people who rely on pain medications run the risk of addiction. Medications are both expensive and can result in the formation of bad habits. If the pain returns because the underlying condition persists, addiction may become even more likely.

A Different Approach

That said, pain medications are not the only form of pain relief. Indeed, when it comes to treating a personal injury, physical therapy and hands-on treatment can be more effective. A chiropractor can work directly with your body to strengthen the muscles and stimulate healing.

Chiropractors can also ensure that your neck and back are in proper alignment. By ensuring that your spine and muscles are aligned, the chiropractor can reduce the tension throughout your body. This can result in long-term pain relief without the need for addictive pain medications or invasive procedures like surgery.

Holistic Healing and Pain Reduction

A chiropractor also works with you to identify things that can exacerbate your pain. For example, if your favorite recliner or bed at home does not provide enough support, it could throw your spine out of alignment. Likewise, if you are putting too much of a strain on your back during your workout routine, your time at the gym may cause more harm than good.

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If you have suffered a personal injury, it is time to treat the cause of your pain. Medications may help for a time, but long-term healing often requires a hands-on approach. Call Montero Chiropractic Clinic today at 928-782-2233 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Montero.


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